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  • 2018 NFL Week 2 predictions Oakland Raiders Hats , picks against the spread Greetings, Raider Nation! The first week of S&BP staff picks against the spread is in the books, and boy was it a doozy. Only a few of us had a winning record, and the week was made even crazier by the fact that the Seattle-Denver game ended in a push. The Broncos were favored by 3 and won by 3 so everybody gets a tie, just like Hue Jackson. The Browns actually beat the -5.5 spread by tying with the Steelers, so good for them. The Great Raiderdamus leads the way with a 10-5-1 record Oakland Raiders Womens Hoodie , followed by Tyler Green with a 9-6-1 mark and Levi at 8-7-1. Marcus Allen Krause completely dishonored his ancestors by going 3-12-1 against the spread. Here are this week’s spreads, followed by this week’s staff picks:Ravens -1 at BengalsVikings at Packers pick’emColts at Washington -6Chiefs at Steelers -5Browns at Saints -9Eagles -3 at BuccaneersPanthers at Falcons -6Dolphins at Jets -3Texans at Titans pick’emChargers -7.5 at BillsLions at 49ers -5.5Cardinals at Rams -13Patriots -2 at JaguarsRaiders at Broncos -5.5Giants at Cowboys -3Seahawks at Bears -3.5UntitledTylerTyler GLeviEvan GBD WillPhillipRyanArashMarcusTylerTyler GLeviEvan GBD WillPhillipRyanArashMarcusThere are only three unanimous picks this week, as everyone has selected the Chargers to go over the Bills on the road and the Giants to take care of business in Dallas. Everyone has also picked the Eagles to win in Tampa, not believers in the Fitzmagic. After a complete brainfart last week on my part, I will not reveal my pick for the Raiders game until tomorrow morning. But please keep in mind that, as we are picking against the spread Womens Customized Oakland Raiders Jerseys , my selection here may not always be the team I think is going to win.Here are the community picks, which are NOT against the spread and should not be compared to the staff picks in any way.UntitledRANKNAMEPOINTSCURRENT W/LRANKNAMEPOINTSCURRENT W/L Greetings, Raider Nation! The NFL’s Week 10 gets underway tonight with a rare prime time battle of teams who are actually good, instead of the crap teams or the NFC East Game of the Week we usually get.The Panthers and the Steelers both are legitimate playoff contenders, with the Panthers at 6-2 looking up at the Saints and the Steelers at 5-2-1 at the top of the AFC North. The Panthers have been spurred by a tough defense and the emergence of former Stanford RB Christian McCaffrey, who has emerged from his cocoon as a fully-formed white Roger Craig.The Steelers have elected to play this season without a defense www.raidersauthorizedshops.com , but they are riding cancer survivor and Pitt product James Conner as far as his legs will take him. Le’veon Bell is still holding out, but Conner is arguably the better player right now, so the Steelers are in good shape.You can watch this game on FOX and the NFL Network at 5:20 Pacific Time, or stream the game live on the NFL Network app.