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  • Upon further review Tahir Whitehead Jersey , a New Jersey man will get his full $82,000 payout on a disputed $110 sports bet.And several other gamblers who made similar bets at wildly inflated odds will also be paid in full, FanDuel said Thursday.The online sports betting company said it will pay Anthony Prince of Newark the full 750-1 payout he was promised when the company's automated system mistakenly generated long odds on the final moments of the Denver Broncos-Oakland Raiders game on Sunday.The company initially refused to pay the bet placed at its sports book at the Meadowlands Racetrack, saying it isn't obligated to pay for obvious errors. But FanDuel reversed field after consulting with state gambling regulators."Above all else, sports betting is supposed to be fun," the company said in a statement Thursday. "As a result of a pricing error this weekend, it wasn't for some of our customers."Prince was handed his 750-1 ticket with about a minute left in the game Youth Derek Carr Jersey , as the Broncos trailed by 2 points on their final drive. Denver kicked a field goal with 6 seconds left to win 20-19, capping a second half comeback that started with the Broncos down 12-0.FanDuel says its system should have calculated his odds at 1-6, meaning a bettor would have to wager $600 in order to win $100. The company said a 36-yard field goal itself has an 85 percent chance of success."These kinds of issues are rare, but they do happen," the company said. "So, this one's on the house. We are paying out these erroneous tickets and wish the lucky customers well."Prince could not immediately be reached for comment.Kerry Langan, a spokeswoman for the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement , said the agency "is encouraged by FanDuel's actions today. The division will continue to work with FanDuel and the state's other licensed sports wagering operators to ensure the implementation of industry-wide best practices."Kip Levin, FanDuel's chief operating officer, said the company wants "to use this as a learning experience for our new customers about how sports betting works."All told, 12 customers, including Prince, were given incorrect odds during an 18-second computer glitch. Levin would not say how much in total the company is paying, but said the promised payouts printed on the tickets or made online will be honored.The dispute is one of the earliest for the budding sports betting industry in New Jersey Rodney Hudson Jersey , coming at a time when new sports books are opening in some other states and lawmakers throughout the country consider whether to also jump in for the potential tax revenue. New Jersey challenged a federal ban and won a U.S. Supreme Court decision in May that cleared the way for gambling on games to expand beyond Nevada.The idea that player money and winnings would be protected and regulated by the state has been a major selling point among sports betting supporters who contrasted legal gambling with shady offshore betting sites where players often have little recourse in disputes.But gambling regulators also have policies in place to void obvious errors in sports bets.FanDuel also says it will give away another $82,000 this weekend by adding $1,000 apiece to the accounts of 82 randomly chosen customers._Follow Wayne Parry at ://WayneParryAC Head coach Jon Gruden’s plan for the Oakland Raiders’ future better be good. He denied it but he and his Raiders are definitely tanking for the No. 1 overall pick in 2019. All the Raiders’ better players that Gruden didn’t pick are being traded or cut. It, of course, started when superstar edge-rusher Khalil Mack was traded to the Chicago Bears just before the season. That left Bruce Irvin in a position to fail as his move to defensive end full-time went from complementing Mack to trying to replace him. Irvin can get you a few sacks here and there but he isn’t a primary pass-rusher. But he was the best the Raiders had after Mack was sent to Chicago. Irvin has 3.0 of the Raiders seven sacks this year despite having his snaps significantly reduced.Three sacks in eight games isn’t great but was cutting him the answer? Did they watch any film on him from last year?Irvin is a good football player who was listed at No. 85 on the NFL’s Top-100 List. He plays the run well and covers very well at OLB but the defensive coordinator Paul Guenther never used his skill-set properly. Irvin’s 11 forced fumbles since the start of 2016 are the most in the NFL. According to Pro Football Focus, his pass-rush grade was only 60.5 while his coverage grade was 81.3 and his run defense grade was 73.6 with his grades matching his tape.When pass-rushing didn’t work out as a defensive end, he should have been moved back to OLB. Tahir Whitehead is the one that should have been cut or demoted as he has been the worst defensive player the Raiders have.PFF puts Whitehead’s run defense grade at 51.8 and his coverage grade a horrible 40.8. Never mind almost 100 percent of his targets being completed on him for seven touchdowns in eight games for a perfect passer rating of 158.3. Whitehead is giving up 17.6 yards per reception and had a completion of 71 yards thrown on him against the 49ers. Compare that to two TD’s and 7.1 yards per reception with a long of 22 yards Irvin gave up at OLB last year. When told how bad Whitehead was doing Authentic Kelechi Osemele Jersey , Gruden acted like he had no idea it was like that.“Is that true? Is that your study,” Gruden said to the media. “30-for-30. Sounds like a television show or something. “You know what, he’s been a good linebacker. He’s been a good nickel linebacker in the league for a long time. I think when you look at the kind of throws that have been complete, you have to sometimes take a look at them. Are they quick screens? Are they screen passes? “I like Whitehead. I like Whitehead a lot. If you’re listening, Tahir, I think you’re one heck of a linebacker. But we have to do a better job. We have to do a better job stopping the run, stopping the pass. We have to do a better job collectively Youth Reggie Nelson Jersey , coaches and players, figuring out our defense.”Is that his justification for keeping Whitehead around?Gruden just loves who he loves. This has to be a tank-move because the Raider defense won’t improve as much as it can if Whitehead is the OLB next year. As it is now, the Raiders cut the wrong guy.