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  • Falcons receiver Julio Jones caught it. Unless he didn’t.The ruling in Philadelphia was that he didn’t. And the second ruling in New York was the right one.Setting aside for now whether the officials properly concluded that the Falcons receiver failed to secure what would have been a 52-yard gain in Thursday night’s opener against the Eagles , NFL senior V.P. of officiating Al Riveron properly applied the replay standard when considering, in response to a challenge from Falcons coach Dan Quinn, whether a mistake had been made.In a frame-by-frame review of the super-slow motion video, it looked like Jones secured the catch. But no angle provided clear and obvious evidence that Jones had made the catch. Or, to apply the more colorful standard, 50 drunks in a bar wouldn’t have shouted in unison that a mistake had been made.As a league source acknowledged on Friday, the ruling on the field would have stood regardless of whether the ruling was catch or no catch. Just as there was no clear and obvious evidence that Jones did catch it, there was no clear and obvious that Jones didn’t.And that’s the way the replay standard should be applied. It wasn’t applied that way last year, with Riveron on multiple occasions ignoring the rules and attempting to fashion a ruling based on what he saw — or what he thought he saw — from the remote confines of 345 Park Avenue.The shift arrived most notably during Super Bowl XLII, when a pair of key touchdown catches by the Eagles were upheld via replay review. In Thursday night’s game, the biggest play that wasn’t also fell in favor of the Eagles Mohamed Sanu Jersey , with the Falcons not picking up more than half the length of the field because Riveron opted not to attempt to replace the judgment of the officials with his own.Last night, the new, and correct, approach to replay didn’t only benefit the Eagles. A catch in the first half by Falcons tight end Austin Hooper seemed to be incomplete after the ball seemed to not just move but to end up flat on the ground under Hooper. But the 50-drunks-in-a-bar bar wasn’t met, and the ruling on the field stood.And while this approach may require coaches, players, media, and fans to tolerate periodic mistakes by officials, replay doesn’t attempt to correct mistakes. It attempts to correct clear mistakes only.Falcons vs. Bengals: One reason to feel confident, one reason to worry This week, as we do every week Authentic Ryan Schraeder Jersey , we’re going to look at a great reason to feel good about the Falcons’ chances and a reason to tear your hair out in frantic worry. Some of us don’t have hair, but bear with me. One reason to feel confident: The fireworks show The Bengals should be a better defense than the Saints. Interestingly enough, though, they really haven’t been to this point, and it seems unlikely that they’ll magically figure things out this week.The Falcons, meanwhile, are on quite a roll. After a beyond-disappointing performance in the first game of the season, the Falcons have rolled up 68 points over the last two weeks, with Matt Ryan rolling up nine touchdowns all on his own. The run game has been a bit spotty—it was great against the Panthers and lousy against the Saints—but the Falcons have been killing it through the air. That’s unlikely to magically change, too. The Bengals have some very good cornerbacks, but Julio Jones and Calvin Ridley are proving to be capable of hurting you regardless of which one you ultimately choose to double team Youth Austin Hooper Jersey , and the Falcons can spread the ball to Austin Hooper, Mohamed Sanu, Tevin Coleman, Ito Smith, Eric Saubert, Justin Hardy, and Marvin Hall if those two are tied up. There are defenses who will be able to slow Atlanta down, but this doesn’t look like one of them.One reason to worry: Tackling The Falcons lost against the Saints for many reasons, but when you come right down to it, missed tackles did as much to swing the game as anything else. The Falcons missed at least 15, per Marquand Manuel , and some of those led to huge gains for Alvin Kamara and Taysom Hill. Hell, they even led to a Drew Brees touchdown run.The Falcons can’t afford to repeat that error against the Bengals, who offer some problematic players of their own. They have speedy receivers, Giovani Bernard available as a dangerous receiving option out of the backfield, and even a solidly athletic quarterback in Andy Dalton. If the Falcons can keep plays in front of them and get a little more out of the pass rush, I feel pretty good about this one. If they continue to whiff, this is going to be a difficult game for them to win unless the offense goes absolutely ballistic. What are you worried and/or confident about this week?