being in the ‘inner circle’ is pretty great

  • Of course Garett Bolles Jersey , being in the ‘inner circle’ is pretty great no matter what, but the athletic tight end was a big "win" for fans in Nashville."WhiteFanposts Fanshots Sections Broncos NewsBroncos Free AgencyBroncos DraftBroncos PodcastsBroncos 2019 ScheduleKey Offseason DatesCommunity RulesFull ArchiveBroncos StoriesScheduleRosterStatsOdds Shop About Masthead Community Guidelines StubHub 鉁旴reaking NewsBroncos 2019 Draft Class Announced脳Broncos Draft 2019Broncos fans in Nashville love the Noah Fant pick on Day 1New,11commentsOf course, being in the ‘inner circle’ is pretty great no matter what, but the athletic tight end was a big “win” for fans in Nashville. Broncos fans in Nashville love the Noah Fant pick on Day 1denverbroncos.comRichard Dean has been a Broncos fan for life and a season ticket holder for 30 years.If you do the math, that means he has been to some pretty amazing games at Mile High - both old and new - over the last three decades.And he was rewarded last night by getting to be the “Broncos Ambassador” and deliver the new jersey to the Broncos’ first-round pick.Dean’s favorite player is of course John Elway, so he was beyond thrilled to be “the messenger” for Elway’s choice.“So excited,” Dean said, noting that the drama over the trade back from No. 10 to No. 20was perhaps a little disappointing at first but kind of fun to be in the middle of it. “It’s like winning the lottery to do this.”As one of 32 ambassadors for Draft Night, Dean is taken backstage about five picks before his team is on the clock. They take his phone as soon as he gets back there so Dean can’t reveal the pick early.But in Dean’s case, since the Broncos traded down with Pittsburgh at the last minute, he never even found out who the Broncos planned on taking at No. 10.“I was standing there with a blank jersey, and I saw the guys on the phone talking and then they looked over at us and motioned ‘no’ and to bring back the jersey,” Dean said with a laugh. Prior to his first trip backstage, Dean said he was hoping for a linebacker (probably Devin Bush) or maybe even “the Iowa tight end.”Dean meant T.J. Hockenson, of course, who ended up getting picked by the Lions at No. 8. But Dean got half of his choice when Elway picked another Iowa tight end, Noah Fant.“Oh, I love it,” Dean said following the pick.Elway likely doesn’t care what fans think of his picks, but he’d likely be pleased to know his ambassador and No. 1 fan agreed with him.“We had a lot going on in that 10 minutes,” Elways said of the deal with the Steelers to trade down. “To be able to pick up Noah at 20 — he can really run and stretch the field, very athletic, and a very effective receiving tight end. We’re excited about where he ended up.”Most of the fans in the “inner circle” by the stage in Nashville were excited about the pick too.Nikki Sullivan, a third-year law student at Vanderbilt University and a long-time Broncos fan and season ticket-holder, loved the pick.“I’m very excited,” she said. “I’m excited about all of it - the new coaches, a new year. I think it’s going to be really good.”Sullivan’s friend and fellow Vandy classmate Lea Gulotta is originally a Packers fan but was at least a Broncos fan for the night, and she thought the Fant pick was a great choice. As a University of Wisconsin graduate, her Badgers had to put up with Fant for four years.“He’s a great player,” she said. “He was definitely a pain in our behind, so that says a lot about the kind of athlete he is.”Curt Clegg, a season ticket holder living in Memphis, Tenn., wasn’t necessary excited about the pick, but he was satisfied.“We needed a tight end,” he said. “But we need a lot of things.”Prior to the Broncos’ move to trade down, the inner circle crowd was thrilled that Devin Bush was still on the board and looking like a lock for the Broncos to take.When news came down that the Broncos were trading down, there was definitely some disappointment - until news came in that Elway was getting the 20th pick, another second-rounder this weekend and another third-rounder in 2020.Eric Jacobs, originally of Buena Vista Juwann Winfree Denver Broncos Jersey , Colo., and now living in Clarksville, Tenn., is “not inspired but hopeful” about Joe Flacco as quarterback, so another draft pick next year is definitely a good move, he believes.As for the Fant choice?“It’s OK,” he said. “I was hoping for Jonah Williams or Devin Bush, but tight end is better than quarterback.”Jacobs - and many fans - will be happy to know that by the day of the draft, John Elway never considered a quarterback in the first round. “No, we didn’t. We always talk about it, but no we didn’t. It was not in the discussion when we got there.”And head coach Vic Fangio didn’t appear anxious to take Bush at No. 10 either.“He definitely was one of the better players in the draft,” Fangio said. “I don’t know if we would have taken him if we didn’t trade. He was certainly one of the guys we talked about, but we just felt the trade value trumped the guy we would get there.”A lot of fans on Twitter had a similar reaction - many were excited, quite a few were bummed their favorite defender whose first name was Devin wasn’t chosen and a lot were just happy the Broncos didn’t pull a Giants move and take a QB project.Of course, Shannon Sharpe approved. There is so much consternation in Broncos Country right now that it might be a good time to try and accentuate the positive. I know after the loss to the San Francisco 49ers, I could use a little happiness in my fandom. My guess is that you probably could, too.Where can I go to find all this positivity? Interestingly enough, the NFL has provided the fans with some uplifting fun. The Denver Broncos will be playing the Cleveland Browns on Saturday night in primetime. As Ian St. Clair and I discussed on the MHR Radio Podcast, they have essentially billed this matchup as a futures game. With Baker Mayfield headlining the Browns rookies, many Broncos fans may watch the game with a, “what might have been,” attitude. The quarterback was high on several peoples lists of draft desires. When the Browns took Mayfield, and then passed on Bradley Chubb with the fourth pick, it set up a battle between the two that could see Chubb chasing Mayfield all over the backfield. Should be fun.There is another Chubb that could find himself battling Bradley Chubb. His second cousin Nick Chubb, the Browns rookie running back is having a good season. There could be some Chubb-on-Chubb crime during the game. You have to wonder what kind of things Mike Tirico will have to say when two Chubbs collide.Nick Chubb won’t be the only rookie running back who will be featured in the game. Phillip Lindsay’s meteoric rise will be hard to ignore for the national media. He will also be looking to bounce back after his rough outing against the 49ers. The Browns defense isn’t exactly known for stuffing the run, so Lindsay, and fellow rookie Royce Freeman could feature prominently for the Broncos offense.And what about that Browns fourth-round pick? Denzel Ward may have been wearing a different orange if things had fallen differently. It doesn’t look like Ward will play on Saturday night, and that’s unfortunate since he would have matched up with on either Courtland Sutton or DaeSean Hamilton.As the NFL ramps up the promotion of young players, the Broncos are a team that has a seemingly bright future. The 2018 rookie class has the potential to be one of the best in team history. The Browns have a good young team as well, and this could be a fun game to watch.With all the doom and gloom that settled in after Denver’s loss to the 49ers, this Saturday night matchup will help to put things into perspective. This game celebrating the future of the NFL should make Broncos Country smile. And we could all use a smile right now.Which young players are you most excited about? Chubb? Lindsay? Both? Show your love for the future of the Broncos with the cool new Orange Rush Hoodie, and a Denver Pitbull T-shirt for the holidays (if you buy the hoodie, use the promo code HOODIEHALF at checkout to get the get the shirt at 50 percent off). The MHR Radio Podcast is now on iTunes, Google Play, Spotify, Acast, Stitcher, TuneIn and a few other podcast hosts. Please subscribe to the one that fits your fancy, and also rate and review what you hear.