It is that time of the year again Broncos Country.

  • Your top senior(and some junior) prospects will head down to Mobile Alabama this week to take part in the Senior Bowl. This will be our first real big step forward in the draft process and will showcase some of the top prospects in this years NFL Draft. One name Broncos fans should keep an eye on is Missouri quarterback Devontae Booker Jersey , Drew Lock. Lock will arguably enter the Senior Bowl as the top quarterback prospect there and could potentially push Dwayne Haskins for that top spot if he performs well. Now, why should Broncos fans pay attention to Drew Lock? Well, the Missouri quarterback has been often rumored to be a favorite of Broncos General Manager, John Elway. Woody Paige who called the Broncos coaching decision weeks for it went down tweeted out that both John Elway and Gary Kubiak came away impressed with Lock after scouting him earlier in the football season. Kubiak is now gone, but his input and belief in Lock likely stuck with Elway along with his feelings about Lock as well. Benjamin Allbright also tweeted out that “Broncos fans should get familiar with Drew Lock”. So there is plenty of proof of some level of interest in Lock. Plenty of rumors out there saying there is a lot, but it is only January and they do have new voices in the conversation so we need to wait and see. However, the Broncos interest in players and coaches have been pretty transparent in the past so I am taking notice of this early trend. The hiring of now former San Francisco 49ers Quarterback’s Coach Rich Scangarello also points to Lock(and others) as well. He is known for his development of quarterback’s and someone like Lock will need that to reach his ceiling. He has all the tools, but need some refining as all young quarterbacks do. Also, the Kyle Shanahan scheme he is bringing with him should fit Lock’s skill set as well. So if you’re a dot connector like I am, that’s another dot to connect in this long and winding draft process. So Lock will be the main player I will be watching at this year’s Senior Bowl practices. Now Andy Janovich Jersey , Lock won’t be the only quarterback prospect there and Elway and the Broncos always put in plenty of time with every quarterback prospect throughout the process. Duke’s Daniel Jones, like Lock, has the potential to be a top 10 quarterback in the 2019 NFL Draft and could use the Senior Bowl as a launching point for his draft stock. He was coached by Peyton Manning’s favorite coach David Cutcliffe and has the potential to be a good quarterback as well. Right now, I have him neck and neck with Lock as a prospect so it will be interesting to see how the two fair this week.Another interesting name to watch is Buffalo’s mammoth quarterback, Tyree Jackson. If you watch any of his game clips, he looks like Paxton freaking Lynch. The same height, same build, same blue and white jersey’s, same play style and so on. It is unfair to go there right off the bat, but those trigger points are there. I am anxious to see how he fairs at the Senior Bowl. He has all the tools but I want to see his accuracy Max Garcia Jersey , footwork, and mental progressions. In the end, to avoid the Lynch comp he will need to prove himself in the meetings and on the board in the meeting room. Elway is going to go shake some tree’s for a quarterback this offseason and could one of these quarterback’s from the Senior Bowl fall out? We shall see. Their performances this week will help begin to shape things and I am anxious to see how this all plays out.Case Keenum focused on taking care of the football on Sunday Trevor Siemian was never asked to do anything too risky in 2016 and the Denver Broncos offense finished with the most three and outs, but Siemian had 3400 yards with an 18-10 touchdown to interception ratio. That conservative mentality changed in 2017 and more pressure was put on Siemian, Brock Osweiler, and Paxton Lynch who all then became a turnover machines. The Broncos didn’t lead the league in three and outs, but the turnovers were leading to blowout losses.That is the delicate balancing act new Broncos starter Case Keenum must follow heading into this season. You can’t win games if you don’t score points and you can’t score points in the NFL if you don’t take some risks. Keenum seems to understand that. He noted the importance of taking care of the football, but also the need for points in this league.“It’s different every week depending on the gameplan and depending on what the points of emphasis are from V.J. (Vance Joseph) and Billy (Bill Musgrave) and those guys,” Keenum said of game planning. “Obviously, taking care of the football and staying on the field. Getting first downs and getting touchdowns. You’ve got to score points in this league to win and you’ve got to take care of the football Domata Peko Jersey , especially against a team like Seattle.”The best way a quarterback can be successful is to have a strong rushing attack behind him. That is one area the Broncos seemed to have gotten a heck of a lot better at in just a single draft with the addition of third-round pick Royce Freeman and undrafted rookie Phillip Lindsay.Freeman has already been named the starter and there is near universal praise for what Lindsay is going to be able to do to opposing defenses in space.“We’ve got coaches coming up with a great gameplan as far as running and passing,” Keenum said. “They’ve always, historically, been a really good defense against the run—very stingy. They like to play a lot of guys down low and stop the run. They do a good job getting in their spots that they drop to or if they play man. Zone or man, they are good at covering the pass. It’s going to be tough. We have to establish the run and be able to throw the ball too.”How the Broncos rushing attack performs in Week 1 will go a long way in determining how successful this offense will be this season. Keenum sees it that way too, because picking up a first down on a third and two is a lot different than trying to do it from a third and eight.