NBA 2K19 MyTeam allows you to collect basketball cards

  • MyTeam is the preferred game mode for players who like to collect, fantasies and overall team games, not single player achievements in MyCareer mode. As NBA 2K19 hopes to make a lot of changes this year to appease the community, 2K Sports developers have invested a lot of time and effort to improve the MyTeam mode. NBA 2K19 MyTeam allows you to collect basketball cards from past and present players, compose monster teams, and use these teams to compete in single player and online game modes. You can grow your team by buying any traditional card game or special card to complete the challenge.


    The packaging will now be layered, which means you will have more packaging options available for purchase. Players can purchase more expensive packaging to guarantee a layered card, such as ruby or diamond, instead of buying a regular package and trying to store it in a kcal. In addition, 2K Sports plans to maintain good pace in releasing rare and new cards and running special launch events.


    The new online game mode allows players to compete with their first 13 cards for some very reliable prizes, including MyTeam points, free card packs, reward tokens and monthly card exclusive players, if you have 12 consecutive winning streaks. If you collect all the players of the monthly card, you can get rare players like Isiah Thomas, and the discard rate in the package is much lower. offer you NBA 2K VC Account at the best price; we assure you 100% Safe! 100% Fast! 100% Cheap!


    Collecting the most powerful cards in the game is the absolute peak of a frustrating team. However, the basic card must be collected or even collected before the best card is obtained. Just like other NBA 2k games, you must first pass hundreds of normal packages to start trading for more powerful players in the rewards section. Collecting different cards in the MyTeam area gives you the opportunity to upgrade and unlock key players to enhance and improve your own team.


    You can get many different levels of rewards from collecting the corresponding lower level cards. These lower level cards are usually the standard roster for the 2K18-2K19 season. A player like the Los Angeles Lakers LeBron James is considered a regular card and many other players. When you collect certain cards for each ranking or complete collection, such as the full Phoenix Suns list and script, you will earn points and currency to redeem different levels of rewards. Higher levels require higher currency points, allowing stronger players to play.