FIFA President delivers historic address to African Union 3

  • Speaking regarding the first pillar, economic growth, he referred towards the importance of infrastructural development, and exactly how FIFA can also be developing infrastructure with all the revenues on the FIFA Coins which have witnessed investments of 110 million USD annually in new pitches, competitions and football facilities in Africa.

    Referring to education Gianni Infantino highlighted some key features pertaining to FIFA’s Football for Schools initiative by stating: “This project is around life skills, not football skills. We are anxious about our Football for Schools project, that can provide a great platform to coach children – through football, as football is not a sport but also a method of living.

    The implementation with the Football for Schools projects should go a long way on FIFA 19 Coins furthering social values and promoting safer and much better lifestyles for countless children around the world and I ask for you all here to aid us with this endeavour and for being part with this culture for change.”