Final Fantasy XIV's Sapporo snow sculpture is gorgeous

  • Final Fantasy XIV's Realm Reborn reboot has become one of the most extremely famous stories within the gaming sphere. What originally obtained as a failed lackluster MMO got a whole overhaul and is also now one of the FFXIV Gil very quality subscription-based games out there.

    To celebrate Square Enix organize a sculpture in the Sapporo Snow Festival this current year, which not merely looks great in the day, but fires up at night. It's called "The Silver Decisive Battle," named naturally after the snow along with the song The Decisive Battle from Final Fantasy VI, one of the extremely iconic tracks through the series history, and prominently featured in the newest VI-themed raid in Realm Reborn. The sculpture itself is of Nidhogg, a large bad on the first dragon-centric expansion Heavensward.

    Impress Watch has got the full video from your show and it's really worth watching at least one time. Being there would be better still!At