Path of Exile Update 3.5.3 Out This Week With Betrayal Bugs an

  • Eight new Grandmasters have been combined with the Hall of Grandmasters, among other changes.

    Grinding Gear Games is gearing around reveal plans because of its free-to-play action RPG Path of Exile inside the coming weeks. Before it announces its 3.6.0 expansion though, a brand new patch for that POE Currency Betrayal league will probably be out recently. Along having a few extra features – like eight new Grandmasters being combined with the Hall of Grandmasters – additionally, it brings many fixes and improvements to your league.

    Other content is inside the works for release throughout the year at the same time. Update 3.7.0 is originating in June, and then update 3.8.0 in September, rrmprove 3.9.0 in December. Each will introduce a brand new League, in conjunction with POE Items new skills, standard of living improvements, plus more. The 4.0.0 mega-expansion has gone out in 2020, though it most likely are not within the primary part on the year. Stay tuned for much more details from the meantime, Exiles.