I was face-to-face with Titan's crotch in Final Fantasy XIV on

  • One game I did not expect to discover during my hands-on time with Project Morpheus PlayStation VR, was Final Fantasy XIV. I hadn't really heard anything concerning this being playable at TGS, then when I headed into FFXIV Gil your press section and watched it available I rushed for the opportunity.

    As nearly all of you know I'm a dedicated Final Fantasy XIV player, having completed just of content up to now outside in the Savage wings of Alexander. While I don't even think I'll be using VR during the vast majority of my hardcore sessions with groups, I can observe it changing things up for casual play.

    I mean, the VR component of XIV is predicated off in the pre-existing first-person view mode, which doesn't quite benefit anything important. For starters that it was really weird having to take a look down to determine my cooldowns and meters, is actually multiple hotbars running for max-level characters, it'll get extremely dicey, even together with the use of an standard controller (a DualShock 4 was adopted in this instance using the PS4 build). Then there's the matter of not being able to view the boss attack telegraphs perfectly, which might be a complete nightmare using a fight like Ravana EX.