Path of Exile for Xbox One

  • Path of Exile can be a Diablo-style action-RPG by having an emphasis on exploration and loot collection over combat. It also features minor MMO elements, like public towns during which players can meet and group up or trade items. The lack of POE Currency the in-game chat system limits the Xbox One version's social potential, though. Although the game plays a whole lot like Diablo III, it's got some distinct differences. Instead of any single hot-bar with skills sent to every button, the diamond-shaped hot-bar this is located inside lower-right corner in the screen, by having an attack or skill allotted to Buy POE Items each face button. By holding Right Trigger, players can access another set of skills – basically a similar setup like Marvel Heroes Omega. You can access eight skills using only the face buttons and another trigger, freeing up another three buttons for other tasks.