New Furnishings in 4.55

  • All the best way back in 2017, Square Enix held a FFXIV Furnishing Design Contest. With 4.55, winning entries have become included within the game, including this awesome tree house:
    Triple Triad Changes in 4.55
    4.55 also adds new cards and NPC opponents for in-game card game Triple Triad. Final Fantasy 14 Gil 4.55 Patch Notes - Battle System Changes
    Update 4.55 adds a logogram and six new logos actions.
    The new update also adds further augmentation to Buy FFXIV Gil Eureka Weapons. A weapon fully-augmented in Pyros is now further augmented by talking with Gerolt with the right point from the Hydatos storyline. Plus, new Eureka armor augmentation unlocks when you have all 56 logos actions registered as part of your log.