I Feel Guilty Accepting Help In Final Fantasy XIV

  • It’s special occasions, which implies I’ve been unwinding with my secret favorite game of 2018, Final Fantasy XIV, and leveling up character classes. I started leveling Blacksmith as a way to make a pal a holiday gift, but I found myself propelled to improve levels on account of unprompted charity from peers. It’s taught me to be wonder: can I really call myself a suitable blacksmith if I didn’t take action on my personal? I’m not much of the crafter in online flash games. I usually dabble enough to Buy FFXIV Gil maintain myself geared but never dip my toes in the markets. In the lead around Christmas, I decided that you of my characters was gonna make a sword because of their in-game partner. That meant seated to grind out some levels inside Blacksmith class. I poured a fair quantity of time into gathering materials and crafting items until I was around level thirty. The current max level is 70, and I was pretty content to hover where I was. But when I mentioned my casual smithing within a Discord channel I lurk in—run by the squad behind a few of my server’s best roleplay combat tournaments—I stood a slew of kind and enthusiastic players offer to show
    me the ropes of other crafting classes and aid me level up my Blacksmith skills fast. In order to level a crafting class, you could potentially just take a moment and generate a bunch of various sundries. That’s how I was executing it. But Final Fantasy XIV Gil has renewable quests called “leves.” For crafting leves, you’re required to come up with a specific item and deliver it with an NPC. The better quality an item, the greater experience points you will get. Soon after I told my girlfriends about my crafting, they set me with “leve kits,” that are pre-made collections of top quality gear that I could deliver immediately towards the necessary NPCs. Suddenly, I was awash in mythril broadswords and excellent mining equipment. I was in a position to do enough deliveries to leap from level 30 to level 50 in the few hours. I’m currently on kits which will boost my Goldsmith and Culinarian classes similarly high. While that still leaves me a way off from your max level, it’s eliminate a big chunk of my primary grind. And, if I’m being honest, I feel slightly guilty.