New secondary quests on Kadara

  • New secondary quests on Kadara
    The following sidequests unlock on Kadara during the entire Hunting the Archon quest. Some of the quests are found from the slums, others within the city, among others out inside open world wasteland below.
        Murder in Kadara Port
        After interrogating Vehn for Hunting the Archon, scan the corpse in Kadara Market.
        A People Divided
        Complete Murder in Kadara Port, then meet with Reyes within the slums bar.
        Precious Cargo
        Complete A People Divided, then talk to Reyes within the slums bar.
        Modern Medicine
        Talk to Dr. Ryota Nakamoto inside the Kadara slums – he’s operating a clinic out of POE Currency the storage crate.
        Counting Bodies
        Right away from slums in Kadara’s open world are Saneria and Drexel – chat to those to start this quest.
        Out in the Frying Pan
        After interrogating Vehn for Hunting the Archon, speak with Grayson Wessler from the Kadara Docks.
        Behind Enemy Lines
        After interrogating Vehn, speak with Kaetus from the Kadara Outcast HQ, near Sloane Kelly.
        Mind Games
        Find a compact building in Haafel in Kadara’s open world – chat to your exile inside.
        Mixed Messages
        After interrogating Vehn Terev, speak with Jim inside prison region of Kadara Port.
        Something inside the Water
        Find the settlement that’s the location of many dead Angara in POE Exalted Orb Kurinth’s Valley. The quest commences automatically if you approach.
        A Packaged Deal
        Find the Windfarm in Kadara and talk on the Turian on its second floor.
        Emergency S.O.S.
        Drive through Kurinth Valley. You’ll purchase an SOS from some… interesting gentlemen.