Raymond mill operation precautions

  • The quality of a device is important, but the operation of the Raymond mill is the most important, because only understand the requirements of this, so that it can be used better, use more smoothly, in our plan, by the sensor The level of the material level is converted into an electrical signal and transmitted to the frequency converter. The frequency converter adjusts the working frequency of the feeding roller driving motor according to this signal to realize the stepless speed regulation of the feeding roller; the set pitch and high precision are set by the microprocessor. Comparing the measured rolling distance of the displacement sensor, the difference signal is sent to the stepping motor driver, and the stepping motor driver controls the stepping motor to run a certain number of revolutions, and the grinding roller drives the slow roller to move through the screw. The rolling distance is adjusted until the difference is zero, and the rolling distance is adjusted to the set value. As a milling machine, Raymond mills are used in a wide range of applications. The performance of a Raymond mill accessory is related to the quality of its accessories to a certain extent. Therefore, when purchasing equipment, you must pay attention to the quality of the accessories, and have a certain understanding of the accessories. There are two types of grinding roller control methods: manual and automatic. When the machine is running normally, the automatic mode is adopted. At this time, the automatic feeding control system sends out the signal of starting feeding and stopping feeding according to the level of the material level. The microprocessor calls the system. Stored set roll value automatically and quickly closes; when machine maintenance or other situations requiring manual intervention occur, manual mode can be used for manual control of fast clutching, fine adjustment, correction of set distance, and transmission of information. Raymond grinding roll control system a. The design principle adjusts the function of the rolling distance: the movement path of the grinding roller does not change. Overall design The entire rolling distance adjustment system consists of tie rod assembly, fixed bearing seat, loose spring, movable bearing seat, guide rail, eccentric sleeve assembly, hanging angle, connecting rod, stepping motor, torque limiter and electric cylinder. The electronically controlled grinding distance adjustment system still has all the functions of the air-controlled grinding distance adjustment system.