Zaros conveys the component of RuneScape gold

  • From what I remember from RS3, Zaros conveys the component of RuneScape gold darkness and furthermore has tried to control a variety of life-forms previously; so I moved to the wiki in hopes of finding some sort of connection.To my fortune that I actually found a good lead. Zaros had created each Magick, four power stones. And he created the Nihil. According to this I speculate that the artifact is a Power Stone, a precursor and prototype to the four electricity stones that came after. It was probably a collapse, horribly warping those it had been utilized on emotionally and physically. So Zaros chose to hide it far away in the jungles of Karamja, guarded to keep those who might want to use it away. Zamorak likely learned of its presence while functioning as Zaros' general. After taking his place for a god and banishing him, Zamorak attempted to find the artifact to boost his terrifying powers. However, after it was taken by Skotizo for himself, he also left the continent to avoid Zamorak's anger.

    Well, because OSRS went Complete Metal Alchemist 2003 route (gecko ending trope), I'd like to ask to someone who got more info than me.I'm mainly a RS3 participant, but played and watched some fresh lore from OSRS. I would love to ask about what are the main differences in already established story arcs (the old ones) and maybe a bit about the new story arcs as well.I've heard they're completing some series on its own, therefore, how does that fit in the general Runescape lore? Since that intended that right now there's nothing like a canon RS story, I believe both have to be legitimate right?Thanks in advance, as canon,

    I'm very happy with the update.We now have a canonical chronology. Although some quests are still labeled"ambiguous" with regard to age dependent on the quests themselves, the chronology places these in the 5th. This allows developers to cheap OSRS gold re-locate these quests later without making them changes, if needed for reasons of narrative.

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