Fake Ulysse Nardin 8156-111-8 / CHEVRE Classico Enamel watches

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    At the end of August, I looked for a day, and invited my wife for a big meal. When the index finger moved, I took the opportunity to elicit the topic: wife, I found a watch that I can wear without adjusting, until we have a baby Baby, just wear it, isn't it great? Wife: Is there such a watch? Sounds fun, does it look good? Can i wear it Me: You must look good and wear it properly! Wife: Then you can buy it. Me: Okay, okay, my wife is so nice. Will you just have another shrimp and one more beef? After getting in the car after eating, my wife suddenly remembered: How much did you pay for this watch? ? ? Me: Keke, this is not important. I'll see if I can buy it. The best watches are not good. Hey, aren't you going to buy a bag, let's go tomorrow! Then, you know, cure everything!
    After I got started, I was pleasantly surprised to find that this 5320G is even more beautiful than the picture: special temperament, clear when reading, low-key retro; look at the date, day of the week, month, leap year, day and night display and moon phase display from the disk, the matching is extremely Reasonable, uncomplicated at all, and very comfortable to look at; and the milky white lacquered surface is matched with the cold texture of platinum, which is as warm as jade.
    From the design point of view: the 5320 dial basically follows the style of 5396, but I made my favorite adjustment-the small disk at 6 o'clock changed to the date wheel (5396 is the 24 o'clock wheel), only the symmetrically distributed day and night display and leap year are added on both sides.

    replica watches usa display. In my impression, this is the most concise perpetual calendar watch with PP visual effects. Inherited from Ref.1591A's syringe-type hands, digital hour markers, cream white lacquered dial, etc., it has engraved many retro designs of PP. There is no doubt that the 5320G is a special watch that is both low-key and very high-key. It is the ingenuity of PP to pay tribute to the classics.
    In terms of temperament: My other Audemars Pig 26470OR is like a fitness man, tall and mighty, always taller in the crowd, and the gas field is fully open ten meters away; while 5320 is a gentle and warm temperament man, worldly cave Ming, read thousands of sails, but still return as a teenager.
    Well, the photos are updated from time to time.

    It feels like
    I have to explode before anyone reads Tahahaha, so I will send a grenade that I bought a few months ago.
    In fact, I have never felt that this watch is very good-looking, but because the market is too hot now, I think it is still necessary to buy. You can't regret it until you can't buy it.
    But in terms of use, this is really a very everyday and suitable watch.

    tag heuer formula 1 calibre 16 It can be worn all year round without being stressed. And it's stainless steel, so it won't wear out so easily. The case is also thin and has the right size. Unknown people can't see it. Very low-key, but understand people and understand. It can be said to be a low-key, accented.
    This rubber strap is very tangled, it can only be removed without buckle, it is very distressing to go down. As a very picky person, you need to think twice. What to do if thermal expansion and contraction, winter and summer alternate. You take it, what does he want to take? Hey ...
    Actually, I didn't wait for this watch. I was told there was a spot in the store, but I ordered Nautilus. Unfortunately, it was downshifted, and it was taken first to see if there was a grenade. The original packaging was not dismantled.
    But slowly I think this is getting more and more beautiful, maybe it ’s because I ca n’t buy it. Hahaha
    I ca n’t match the original dark green strap, or maybe I can be more beautiful
    . To be honest, it ’s a bit like a tomb
    with a casket of money. Okay, the last picture above, I hope that anyone who wants to buy a watch can get what they want.