Admission to bail is the order of a judge that the suspect


    When a person gets arrested for a minor offense, he or she is usually given a citation at the scene and is then released immediately. The citation includes information regarding his or her court hearing. However, people who are arrested for more serious crimes are held in jail until they can post bail. Bail is not a means of punishing the suspect and it is not a submission of revenue to the government. Bail may mean the security cash or bond which is given to assure the appearance of the suspect in all of his or her hearings and proceedings.

    Admission to bail is the order of a judge that the suspect will be temporarily discharged from police custody upon bail. Bail is proven by a bond which will become a record of the court. Wood TileThe bond is a contract between the state and the suspect that he or she must attend all of the court trials and hearings. If the suspect shows up for his or her court dates, he or she will be able to recover the bail posted. However, if the defendant is unable to attend to it, he or she won't get the refund for the bail amount and will be arrested. The bail amount is set by a judge at the suspect's first appearance in court. The amount of bail will depend on several factors such as: the type of crime committed; the danger that the suspect presents society; and the suspect's criminal record. If the suspect is unable to afford the amount of bail set by the judge, he or she can look for a bail bonds agency to help him or her in posting a bail bond.

    A bond is a written promise that the full bail amount will be paid in the event that the suspect is unable to appear in court as promised. The bond is usually obtained through the bail bond agency. The agency usually charges a fee in exchange for posting the bond. The agency can also demand additional collateral since they will be responsible for paying the full bail amount if the suspect fails to show up in his or her proceedings and trials. To get a bail bond, the suspect's family member, friend, or relative must go to a bail bond  company to pay the associated fees. The fee for a bail bond is determined by the bail bond agent. The bail bond agent will also perform an initial consultation wherein the agent will gather as much information as possible regarding their client's crime.